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The story of food is the story of friendship. When you combine Irish conviviality with the irrepressible Italian nature, it’s always going to be a good thing. Chefs Ross Lewis and Luciano Tona have been friends through Michelin starred food, and tall tales, for many years. At Osteria Lucio (formerly Pizza e Porchetta) they unite their love of Irish and Italian food with the very best of produce, from both countries.

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With great knowledge comes the ability to simplify. Sharing different food cultures means this deceptive simplification creates new and exciting dishes. The cooking at Osteria Lucio brings together new marriages of butchery, vegetables and fruits, all of which have made a long journey from planting to the kitchen. This is slow-grown food from the Italian and Irish terroir, slow-grown so you can taste the layers of flavours.

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Irish sprezzatura


Irish Sprezzatura



Renaissance Italians had a word for the ability to make difficult tasks look easy and the complex look gracefully simple: sprezzatura. You’ve probably tasted the descendant of this noble philosophy in Italy with their platefuls of cold meats served just-so, unadorned, or in winter freshly made silky pasta ribbons with a slick of new season’s olive oil as a simple starter. Osteria Lucio is an Irish expression of this sprezzatura, the ingredients sit within restrained food frames, no unnecessary bells and whistles here. Just the depth of taste from produce grown and reared with slow, deliberate care, and harvested at a peak of flavour.

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The wines in Osteria Lucio reflect our commitment to the stewardship of the land for the future. All our wines come from smallholdings across Italy which we have personally visited by Ross and Luciano Tona. We buy directly from these wine makers and we know their love of their vineyards and their joy in its unique expression sings from every glass. We happily bring a taste of their talent to you.

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t like a chilled beer or two and the explosion in Irish craft beer finds a very happy home in Lucio’s, nestled beside their lighter flavoured Italian cousins.