Ross Lewis



The story of Irish food has many characters; people who Ross Lewis is always keen to weave into his food story because he knows their commitment to real food has helped him create a uniquely Irish cooking style. From the seasonally driven philosophy of Myrtle Allen, to artisans of extraordinary dedication Ross has been inspired to create menus, which have placed Chapter One as a beacon of our native produce, lightly framed within the classic culinary canon. As a member of Eurotoque, Ross has committed himself to cherishing food traditions, supporting the best producers and passing on his culinary skills to a younger generation. So even as you dine in Osteria Lucio you can be assured that the cooking guards the intrinsic quality and flavour of the food you eat.

It is no surprise then that Ross and Luciano find so much in common. They’ve been friends for over fifteen years, initiated when Luciano cooked three Italian meals at Chapter One. There have been many visits between Ireland and Italy since then, and many nights of talking about culture, food and wine. For Ross, what struck him about Lucio when they first met was Lucio’s gentle and caring nature, his generosity and willingness to exchange his knowledge with anyone who cared to listen. And if they listened, as Ross has, they discover a depth of knowledge and food experience, which is unrivalled in Italy. Of course they have much in common besides food, both have been more quietly successful than mere common celebrity, they share a more long-lasting fame, respected amongst fellow professionals and staff alike. They are food people of renown, their first love is the integrity of what they do. As Ross Lewis says: “I would consider one of the beautiful things about catering is meeting rare gems like Luciano Tona, we form part of the great big food family. Surely there is no better form of cultural exchange than through food and friendship.”

Ross Lewis opened Chapter One restaurant in 1993 and from humble and, sometimes challenging beginnings, on Dublin’s Northside it has grown to attract accolades from a Michelin star to the respect of the international culinary community. Osteria da Lucio is a new venture into a style of cooking closer to how Ross cooks at home for family and friends.

Luciano Tona



The Master

If food is sport to all Italians then Luciano Tona comes from a premier league. His grandfather Tartullo Tona, began with a humble inn on the main tramway which linked Monza to Oggiona on Lake Como. In time the tramway became a centre of trade and more and more people risotto alla mantovana, from his birthplace of Mantua, or risotto alla monzese or dishes using poultry from their back yard. As business grew though the miracolo economico, the post-war boom, they made hearty earthy food, real street food, delivered to workers in the fields and factories by the iconic Lambretta scooter. Luciano’s made cured meats with his father Gino from pigs and geese. The butchering of a pig for pancetta, salami and liver mortadella would take two solid days of hard work.

It took three generations for the humble inn of his grandfather to become a fully-fledged restaurant and Luciano Tona’s food philosophy still reflects that of his grandfather and his parents, cooking with a few simple and good products. Luciano says the success of his restaurant La Fermata (the Stop), is heavily in debt to three women: his mother, his sister and his wife. His mother’s taught him the value of preparing good food as a moderate cost and that “wasting and crying go hand in hand.” His sister, a tireless worker who loved simplicity, immediately took to his idea of a new restaurant; and his wife has helped him make the right choices on the interweaving paths between sharing his culinary knowledge as a teacher and his love of being a being a chef.

Luciano Tona’s friendship with Ross Lewis began in 1998 when they met through Manuela Spinelli at dinner in Chapter One. Ross joined the table and Luciano discovered they shared a synergy and energy about their lands and their roots. Talk of a project such as Osteria Lucio has passed many an hour between them over the years, but central to the story has always been the idea that local identity and simple foods were the core narrative. And now it has come to fruition, through friendship a new style of restaurant has been born.

La Fermata Restaurant, Casatenovo, Italy, was awarded a Michelin star which it retained for over a decade and Luciano Tona is a member of Euro-toque and has just recently retired following an eight year tenure as the Head Master Chef at ALMA, The international School of Italian Cuisine in Parma, Italy.

Robert Scanlon



Front Of House

Greeting guests at Osteria Lucio is our Front of House Manager Robert Scanlon. A familiar face to many, Robert has worked in some of the best-known establishments in the cityincluding Fitzers on Dawson Street, Pichet and Residence Private Members Club. He has had the opportunity to work alongside some of Dublin’s most exciting chefs from Steven Gibson (Pichet Restaurant) and Graham Neville (Restaurant Forty One) to Paul Flynn (The Tannery). With a passion for Italian food and a wealth of knowledge of Ireland’s rich culinary heritage, Robert is the most welcoming of hosts at Osteria.