The Food Friendship

The Food Friendship

The story of food is the story of friendship. When you combine Irish conviviality with the irrepressible Italian nature, it’s always going to be a good thing. Chefs Ross Lewis and Luciano Tona have been friends through Michelin starred food, and tall tales, for many years. At Osteria Lucio they unite their love of Irish and Italian food with the very best of produce, from both countries.

Quality comes from integrity and quality is always the inspiration here. Dishes are created using artisan produce with the food knowledge of chefs who know when to cook and when to simply let the ingredient sing. Share in the friendship of food with a menu of Irish and Italian ingredients from Fingal Ferguson’s cured meats, direct from his new artisan facility in west Cork; to Italian classics like cured pork neck Capocollo Franchi, from Tuscany; hand-rolled pastas and our lunch-friendly risen dough pizza bases piled with the best of both countries seasonal bounty including vegetables from our supplier, Brendan Guinan. Inspired by an Italian seed catalogue Brendan’s Co Louth farm is now bursting with the freshest and most seasonal flavours, ripening for our kitchen. You’ll also find the finest Italian wines hand-selected by Luciano Tona, chilled artisan Irish ales, beers and stouts, along with Italian beers and the very latest vermouth cocktails.

The cooking style of friendship

With great knowledge comes the ability to simplify. Sharing different food cultures means this deceptive simplification creates new and exciting dishes. The cooking at Osteria Lucio brings together new marriages of butchery, vegetables and fruits, all of which have made a long journey from planting to the kitchen. This is slow-grown food from the Italian and Irish terroir, slow-grown so you can taste the layers of flavours. New food friendships have been made with jewel coloured Italian vegetables and Irish grown greens, all from our regular suppliers. (BTW Be careful what you say about vegetables, the suppliers could be sitting at the next table, they often join us for a drink).

If you thought you knew all about pizza dough, we’ve news for you: this is the first time our lunch-friendly risen dough pizza bases have been made in Ireland. The recipe combines simple ingredients in a technique that takes considerable patience. The process creates a pizza base which is gentler on the digestion and tastes so good we’ll be serving it naked too.