The food of friendship

Our Story

The Food of Friendship. Our byline says it all.

Lucio evolved from the friendship that grew over many years – and many meals – between Michelin-starred chefs Luciano (Lucio) Tona and Ross Lewis.

These are men – one Irish, the other Italian – who share a passion for terroir and for the produce that best expresses it: the fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish and, of course, the wine.

In 2016, their vision for a restaurant fueled by this passion was finally realised when they opened Osteria Lucio in Dublin’s Docklands.

Lewis and Tona wanted the food to embody a Renaissance philosophy that Luciano knows well from his native Italy: sprezzatura, or ‘studied carelessness’.

This ability to make the complex appear gracefully simple is summed up in dishes that are uncomplicated yet uncompromising, with superb, seasonal ingredient slow grown in Ireland and Italy, so their flavours really sing.

The food friendship

The story of food is the story of friendship. When you combine Irish conviviality with the irrepressible Italian nature, it’s always going to be a good thing.

Chefs Ross Lewis and Luciano Tona have been friends through Michelin starred food, and tall tales, for many years. At Osteria Lucio they unite their love of Irish and Italian food with the very best of produce, from both countries.